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Date: 15/05/18 05:13:15

Dubrovnik Ryan Johansen Womens Jersey , also known as 锟絫he Pearl of the Adriatic锟?is a city on the Adriatic Sea coast in the extreme south of Croatia. The name originates from the Proto-Slavic term for an oak forest, which was abundantly present in the hills north of the walled city of Dubrovnik by the end of the 11th century.

The history that surrounds this city goes back to the 7th century, where on a rocky island named Laus, Dubrovnik was discovered. Between the 14th century and 1808, Dubrovnik ruled itself as a free state. The Republic had its peak in the 15th and 16th centuries Pekka Rinne Womens Jersey , when its thalassocracy (Ancient Greek term meaning 锟絩ule of the sea锟? rivaled that of the Republic of Venice and other Italian maritime republics. As early as 1272, the Republic of Dubrovnik received its own Statues which among other things codified Roman practice and local customs.

Today, visitors and Croats alike enjoy fabulous museums, festivals, restaurants and a whole tourist explosion that has become one of the prominent destinations on the Adriatic. Admittedly Filip Forsberg Womens Jersey , I was a tad bit skeptical about visiting Croatia; after all when one decides to travel cross the big pond, Croatia is not what comes to mind for many Americans. But it should be!

I was determined to see everything and armed with my tour map, I ventured to do just that. My first stop was the Lovrjenac Fort. The people of Dubrovnik built this fort in order protect the western sea to the City, particularly from the Venetian fleet. Construction was begun in 1080 and it wasn锟絫 until the 16th century when it was completed. In Latin, above the entrance the inscription 锟絅ON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO锟?锟?Freedom is not sold for all the gold in the world. St. Lawrence P.K Subban Womens Jersey , a chapel, is housed here 锟?it has become a magical venue for theatrical performances. A large number of plays have been performed here during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival 锟?which runs from July 10 锟?August 25.

Before entering the city, stroll the 15th century seaward promenade Brsaljie 锟?the first one constructed outside the city. The Brsaljie terrace offers a magnificent view over a portion of the city walls and the Lovrjenac Fort at the foot of which lies a picturesque suburb with a little harbor. You enter through double city gates, into a whole new world. A good rule of them is to get here early. Like any other tourist attraction, the City does get packed with tourists.

By this time Adidas Ryan Johansen Jersey , hunger pains started controlling my every thought and I was interested in dinning on some authentic Croatian cuisine. Within the city walls I came across a family owned restaurant named Lokrum. I decided to dine outside and admire the beautiful city and do a little bit of people watching. I couldn锟絫 make up my mind on what to indulge in, so I choose the mixed grill platter, promising myself that I will order seafood for dinner. The mixed grill platter consisted of beef, pork and sausage which was exquisite and went very well with a bottle of Karlovacko; a favorite local beer. The food was matched only by the owner and her son, both of which spent a moment welcoming me to their beautiful city. The prices for the meals range from $11 - $20; about average for this local theme restaurant.

After bidding my new friends good-bye I strolled around the main street Placa or Stradum. The harmony of the Old City of Dubrovnik is reflected here. The uniform Baroque architecture of the houses line up to greet you down the approximately 300 meters that made up this street. Their 锟絢nee like锟?entrances got its present day form in the restoration of the City that took place after the disastrous earthquake of 1667. The limestone pavement Adidas Pekka Rinne Jersey , worn by use, shines like glass after rainfall. The shops here are a little out of the ordinary, in Western standards; the 锟絥a koljeno锟?type consists of a door and a window in one frame spanned by a semi-circular arch. Although some of these stores do have the tourist laden tacky t-shirts and coffee mug places, there are some very nice shops as well selling different fashions and hand crafts.

One of the best known convents at the time, Covenant of St. Claire is located here. Once serving as a shelter for abandoned children back in the 13th century although it no longer serves that purpose Adidas Filip Forsberg Jersey , is still just as breathtaking.

Everything from the food, to the history and architecture, to all the museums that align this city romance me. The people here are warm and friendly and welcome you as one of their own; I felt like part of the family at the family-owned restaurants, if only for a little while. The hospitality made me realize what the rest of Europe has known for quite a while; that Dubrovnik, Croatia is a hot spot in vacations.

The moment that I checked into the Hotel Petka; in the western part of Dubrovnik in port Gruz Adidas P.K Subban Jersey , I was at home. My 4 days here were made complete with the free breakfast that awaited me every morning. The transfer to and from the airport, which is only a 22km trip, was also included in the $99per person price tag plus I got discounted airfare here.

Being dependant on the sea for everything makes this place a one of a kind stop. Hearing people talk about the many tales of life makes you realize that we are not all that different from one another, just some of us know how to tell the story better.
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